STEP 1 : Identify and Centralize

The centralized PanelUPS will protect everything that is connected to it. But to get the best price and longest runtime, you only want your critical loads on the UPS. So find your circuits that supply these critical loads. The most economical solution will be to move these circuits from one electrical panel to another subpanel for the UPS. Your electrician or our electrical team can help you with that process.

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Once all the critical loads have been identified, we'll need to determine the maximum power needed to supply all the equipment at once, even if you may not use them all the time. Remember, all the power is going through the ups all the time so the UPS must be able to handle your largest electrical demand. A/C and other motors have a Surge wattages during startup that must be considered. Once sized, the right UPS will output to your new electrical UPS subpanel. We can provide all the connections or do the turnkey install as well.

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Providing enough runtime for all your critical circuits may take more than the regular internal UPS batteries. We can offer both external battery banks or tranfer switches for you to use your portable generator. Some people even have a backup solar battery array that can be connected to UPS as needed. Remember, a PanelUPS is the main puzzle piece that makes all of this possible. Many customers just start with the base system, then add on more batts or alternative power later. Anything is possible.

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