Largest Selection of RT Units

There are over 100 individual models of Smart Online RT UPSes. We stock refurbished versions of most of them priced at upto 70% off list. SURTA3000XL, SRT6KXLT, SURTD5KRMXLT3U-TF5, SURT10000XLT, SRT3000RMXLA-NC, SURT20KRMXLT, SRT1000XLA, SURT5000XLI are just a handful of the 60 models on hand.

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GreenLightUPS is one of the ONLY facilities that repairs APC Smart Online units affordably. We have reverse engineered many of the control and power handling boards for the UPS systems, so we know what they are and what they do.

Electronic, Electric, and Fabrication specialists are the heart of our repair team. We are small tight-knit family and we collaborate with each other. Email us for a FREE quote.

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Our O Series is an exclusive collection of popular RT upses configured to meet the needs of labs and other facilities needing their UPSes to be mobile. In addition, to caster wheels we bundle transformers, cords, bypasses, and extended run modules to get the solutions you need.

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