Technical Team and Process

- the reason we are the leader in refurbished ups systems -

Robert Furmanak Ross Gilson Wesley Shreve Bob Durham

Technical Team

In addition to UPS technicians, electricians and fabricators at our GreenLightUPS shop, we have several talented in house engineer-grade experts that oversee our refurbishment, repair, and custom designed solutions.

Robert Furmanak

Technical Director - Robert, is an experienced researcher with a specialty in developing technology from the laboratory to a production environment. His work with DuPont generated test and assembly hardware, as well as novel designs for connecting waveguides to fiber optic and photonic devices. Robert is the the primary inventor or contributor on five issued patents, and nine patent applications.

From there the rather elementary UPS world of inverters and rectifiers is an intriguing area for Robert. Always quick to troubleshoot, diagnosis and re-engineer, Robert has mastered many of the circuits and systems in weeks that once took us years to understand..

Ross Gilson

Research Coordinator - Ross brings an extensive knowledge of digital and analog circuitry to the GreenLightUPS team. As a senior researcher at Florida Atlantic University for years, Ross’s knowledge and workmanship is an invaluable asset to the GreenLight team.


TheTurk -systematic testing unit

APC SURT reverse engineering

SurgeUPS - real SPD and UPS in one

Inrush Load Field Calculator Box

Wesley Shreve

Super Human (1944-2019) - Wes was everything to Wesworth Electric and GreenLightUPS. He was more than just its founder, master electrician and President, he was also the motivator for the technical curiosity that Wesworth/GreenLightUPS built their business on. Few electricians had more electrical test equipment, analyzers, solution prototypes and experience in as many areas as Wes: DC, Solar, Motor, Power Factor, VFD, Soft Starts, Induction Lighting, and of course UPSes.

Bob Durham

President - Surprisingly lacking any formal electrical or engineering training, Bob proves that if you grow up around smart people and stay at a Holiday Express hotel, you can often talk a good technical game with people. However, his limited knowledge can be dangerous, so we usually keep him at his desk.


The GreenLightUPS difference is knowledge

Knowledge is learned many ways. Hands-on-testing of a good and bad ups can yield a wealth of troublshooting info. Next, identifying key parts and components gains knowledge of the process and circuit goals. Finally drafting and recording this knowledge allows us to return later to update and troubleshoot further.

Refurbishment Concentrations

Our refurbishment process is two fold. First the internal components. We check the system at standby and offline. We look for common failure points. Then we load test on and offline again or run it through theTurk to test responses. Then we tackle the exterior refurbishment. New bezels, resurfaced chassis and replacement rack ears are common parts needing work.

The one way to know if your UPS vendor is really a refurbisher.

Ask them if they can repair a bad UPS. If you can’t repair a UPS, then how do you know enough about the UPS to say it’s refurbished? We spend hours opening up and examining UPSes to learn how each model works and the faults and weaknesses associated with them.

Plus we CAN repair just about any UPS. Learn more about our here

Do you use APC batteries?

APC and most UPS firms don’t actually make batteries. APC uses a variety of brands to make their battery packs. The reality is that a great battery that has sit for 6 months will never be great again. So freshness is imperative in the battery world. We want fresh, high quality batteries delivered to our site within 3 months of production and sold within 30 days. Only Powersonic can meet that requirement for us, and we have remained with them for 11 years. .

Used Plus v. Refurbished v. ReCertifiedUPS

They don’t call them Used Plus, but many sources of used UPSes are just old upses with unused batteries and maybe some spray paint. They are cheap and probably could work, but they are not refurbished.

Refurbishment requires knowledge, skill and the ability to restore the UPS to working condition similar to the original manufacturing design. Refurbishers should also be able fabricate missing parts and refinish the unit to look like new.

Recertified UPSes is another level in which the specifications and performance are certified to be of a particular standard. This process requires additional time and knowledge. GreenLightUPS is working to certify our process and introduce another level of quality to the market very soon.

What is your warranty rate? The real judge of a refurbisher

GreenLightUPS had one of the lowest warranty rates in 2018 in spite of offering 2 year warranties on many units. Just 0.8% of our revenue was used to cover these warranty costs of batteries, parts and/or units plus shipping back and forth.

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