Refurbished APC Smart Online 5000va 208, 240v 6U/Tower w/Netcard & RailKit & 5kva xfrmr

Dual voltage output with stepdown transformer for 120volt loads.. Allows for more runtime with XL battery paks. Combo bundle with main ups and transformer yielding 15 output ports..
Includes: Main unit with fresh batteries, PLUS 5kva Isolation transformer with Rail Kit & AP9619 card
Features: Refurbished with new premium Powersonic batteries.
SKU: 593g4k.

Key Features

5000va - 3500w

VA is volt amperage, the raw power of the ups. W is the watts you can truly use. Need help?.

208, 240 volts

is the Input Voltage. The Output Voltage is: 208/240/120. Need something different?

18 minutes

Typical runtime at half load. Most units can be extended. Ask how.

15 months

Our unmatched warranty on the unit and batteries gives you piece of mind.

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