OVERSTOCK unused/recharged 12v 7ah batteries

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Unused 2012 Sell by Date Yuasa batteries ideal for UPS needs.

Recharged and tested to exceed 90% of their original rating.

Buy 1 or 20... ask about more

You can use them in many UPS battery packs.

More than likely these are better quality than those cheapo junky Universal, Zeus, Monkey or other goofy battery that are "really new"

These are the batteries out of brand new never used Dell / Eaton UPS units.



  • Condition: Unused from 2011 dated Dell battery packs.
  • Category:OVERSTOCKS
  • Voltage:12v
  • Capacity:7.2ah (new)


  • Specs: Yuasa NP7.2-12
  • Warranty: 30day warranty
  • Dimensions:151 x 65 x 97.5mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight:5.84 lbs
  • Terminal: F2 .250


NP7.2-12 NP7.2-12
More Info

WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?: They were inside our brand new Dell UPSes that came to us.

HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY ARE STILL GOOD? These batteries are dated 2011 and have a "use or recharge by 2012" stamp on them. We have used them APC and Dell unit without problems.

REALLY? SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: In addition, we also recharged these professional with a special single charger designed for this batteries. Then we tested their Mhos rating compared to a brand new one. These unused 2011 had a 92% comparative Mhos score.

WILL THESE WORK ON? If you need a 12v 7/7.2/9ah F2 battery, these will work.

HOW LONG WILL THESE LAST? Technically they should last 5 years, (4 years now). But the dirty secret is that batteries fail because of improper charging. In UPS units, often people put "new" batteries in an old unit and are shocked when they last only a year. Its probably because the charger in your old UPS is out of whack or worn out. So for most of you this battery will last just as long as a newer one, especially if you are using it in an older system