Newy~ 12000va APC Symmetra LX XR -208/240v – 16k Max -33U – Black [sylx12xlQ]

2014 Original Ship Date

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Newest APC Symmetra LX System with XR cabinet

Still sealed in original box with all accessories.

Upgradeable to 16kva capacity

NEWY is my term for a unused unit that had its batteries expire while sitting in a distributors warehouse. We get them and replace the old batts with APC Genuine batteries. Newys include the original box and all accessories.



  • Condition:New with genuine batteries, accessories and branded box
  • Category:RoomUnits - New
  • Format:LX-Extended
  • Voltage:208240v
  • Capacity - Power:12000va / 9600watts
  • Special Features:Extended Run Available with plug SY


Sales Information
  • Parts Included :UPS unit with all control mods and covers with three power mods, nine battery mods, and AP9619 card in original pallet
  • UPC :
  • Limited Warranty: 24 months on unit and batteries by GreenLight and/or Manufacturer
  • Delivery : Truck Freight to Dock - Local Pickup
  • Startup Service: Included by Greenlight.  Please limit startups to locations within 1 hour of major airport and after 10 days from ordering.  Includes 4hrs on site.


  • Model/Make: APCSYA12K16PXR
  • UPS Technology:Double Conversion - Online
  • Input Voltage:208240volt (see specs for ranges)
  • Output Voltage:208/240volt
  • Capacity - Battery:7776vah
  • Runtime:67mins (@ half load)
  • Dimensions:59.7" x 19" x 28.6" (W x H x L)
  • Weight:1145lbs
  • Color:Black
  • MSRP: $17000


Connections: Input - Output

Input plugs changed at no charge