7500va APC Double Conv RT - 208v -6UTW - Blk [796g3]

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Nearly 40amps of power.. enough for your entire server room

Connect this to your server panel. Allows for more runtime with XL battery paks.

Featuring the best UPS technology… Online/Double Conversion technology

Look for our part "qrr2" if you want the rackmount kit for this.



  • Condition:Refurbished with new premium Powersonic batteries
  • Category:HiVoltage - DoubleConv
  • Format:6UTW
  • Voltage:208v
  • Capacity - Power:7500va / 6000watts
  • Special Features:Extended Run Available with plug G


Sales Information
  • Parts Included : Main unit with fresh batteries and all bezels PLUS tower feet (rackmount kit OR cord/plug kit is additional)
  • Limited Warranty: 15 months on unit and batteries
  • Delivery: Truck freight / Free Pickup


  • Model/Make: APCSURT7500XLT
  • UPS Technology:Double Conversion - Online
  • Input Voltage:208volt (see specs for ranges)
  • Output Voltage:208/240volt
  • Capacity - Battery:960vah
  • Runtime:19mins (@ half load)
  • Dimensions:17'' x 10.4'' x 28.9'' (W x H x L)
  • Weight:244lbs
  • Color:Black
  • MSRP: $4250


Connections: Input - Output

Input plugs changed at no charge