4000 watts for 8 hours

The Symmetra LX by itself meets everything you need.. redundancy, modularity, and scalability. Then add our extended run battery bank system and your have a system that wont quit.

For the same price of a New Symmetra, you can get a Symmetra with 8hours of runtime. This model offers 90amps of single phase power and can be configured to keep your most critical circuits up for 8 hours.

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In many businesses keeping your core servers, critical instruments and machines, or security systems online is the best value for resiliency planning.

Our SmartUPS systems are custom-configured to perform exactly what you need. With automatic notification, redundancy, automatic bypass, and 2 year warranties, you can trust these solutions.

Our refurbished APC 313g4eo mobile cart delivers 8 hours of piece-of-mind for 500watts, at the half the price of the new bare bones APC unit.

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With 38 years in hurricane prone South Florida, our electrical and UPS businesses recommend a Plug and Play Generator system as the best value for outages. It is a waste of money to buy a $50k generator system and hardwire it to your building. Instead get a transfer switch station that will allow your building to be quickly connected to a generator. Then reserve, rent or buy a mobile generator and connect it if needed for those long outages.

For the short outages, get an extended run UPS to power everything for a couple hours. This will give you enough time to hookup the mobile generator if really needed. This hybrid system costs a fraction of a new generator and can be installed in a matter of days.

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