Symmetra LX 12kva Tower

Our most popular LX unit. The 12kva tower can power nearly 10,000 watts of rack equipment or a 70amp rated instrument. This model can grow with your needs up to 16kva N+1 as needed. The LX offers both direct hardwired output and PDU twistlock power outlets. Fully configurable for 120volt or high voltage 240volt loads.

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Symmetra LX 16kva XR Extended Run

The choice for hardwired Emergency Panel protection. Relocate all your critical circuits to a single new subpanel. Then install this unit to protect the entire 100 amp single phase panel. The 16kva Extended Run offers nearly 2 hours minutes of runtime for 4000 watts. Combine this a transfer switch and generator and get the ultimate runtime system.

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Symmetra LX 16kva Rackmount

Use the built in PDU outlets to craft an expandable and flexible power protection system for your racks. Connect Group PDU to nearby rack and finish with local PDUs for each rack. The one Symmetra LX is fully redundant, eliminating the need for dual UPSes. Its compact 19U frame can mount in a rack and still leave room for IT equipment. Plus with flexible power wiring, you can re-arrange your power feeds as you needed to meet your ever changing server system.

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